Is this library free to use?

Yes, the library is free to use, however the resources are not, each resource depends on the creator of that resource. The digital design library always prioritizes finding free or freemium resources to ensure accessibility and usability.

What kind of licensing is used?

The Digital Design Library itself does not license or grant the use of any of the products featured on the website. Please refer to the individual website or service or product usage and licensing agreements and use those as a reference for usage.

Are the resources free to use?

This library is only a reference and the products featured vary in price and usage licenses. Please consult each resource or website's own usage policy.

What is the purpose of this library?

This library is a central location for curated high quality design resources that are available and scattered throughout the internet. The resources featured here are reviewed for quality, quantity, and available formats to ensure that each resources provides enough value to designers. It's aim is to bring visibility to the projects and creations of other designs.


What is the criteria for inclusion in the library?

While there is no strict criteria for inclusion, some of the basic criteria includes quantity and quality of the digital assets. The assets must have enough iterations, versions, or options to be used throughout an entire design concept meaning we avoid including assets that are individual such as a mock up of one device, or one individual illustration. We also avoid stock looking imagery, photography, or illustrations to ensure resources are unique.

Can I submit a resource to be included?

Yes, of course! We encourage users to submit resources to grow the library and make it more complete and useful. You can contribute to the library through our contribute page. Submissions will be reviewed by one of our team members who may reach out to you for more information. If the resource meets the criteria for submission it will be included in the library.

Can I submit a blog post?

We always welcome guest blog writers or blog submissions. You can reach out to us directly through our contact page to learn more about how you can feature your blog post. Any blog post that is included will be featured on our home page for a minimum of 14 days, and depending on the post may be promoted through various social media platforms. We would fully attribute the post to the author and welcome designers or agencies to promote their work.

Other Questions

Do you accept advertisement or promotion?

At the moment we do not provide any advertising. It will be possible to advertise on our website in the future, you can reach out to us through our contact page to learn more about the various packages we offer. We will offer a variety of options including banners, product features, and blog features.

What kind of information do you collect or provide?

We collect information that may help us create a better experience through using our products. Please refer to our privacy policy and terms and conditions for the full details. If you are the owner of one of our products, or which to understand how your products are being used please reach out to us through our contact page.