Pablo Stanley

"Openly sharing our work invites people to collaborate, tinker, learn from each other, and grow together."

Not every designer has the time to create perfect icons, and not every developer can afford to commission high quality illustrations. This library serves to act as a central place of inspiration for your next project. Our goal is to create a digital library where we help guide you to online resources from the same designers behind digital services such as “Humaaans” and “Absurd Design” and make them known to you.

We hope this library will help both elevate your design process and provide you with the right tools to complete your designs through collaboration with other designers within a growing community.

We aim to make these resources available to everyone and anyone in the digital industry.Help us spread the word about our online library and grow an online community.

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The NoCode Company

The NoCode Company started off with the mission to create a community of digital design experts untied by their passion and desire for learning. It aims to break down the barriers of the digital world that are nearly inaccessible to those unfamiliar with coding. Our products and services, which break these coding barriers, were created without coding.

Yes, this library was built and customized without writing a single line of code, but instead, upon a solid understanding and foundation of how websites work. So much has changed in the digital landscape to a point where we have begun to approach coding the same way we did back in the punch card era of computer programing. This simplicity in programming is all due to the genius abilities of computer scientists, programmers and engineers of recent decades.

The NoCode Company delivers digital products with little coding knowledge required in hopes that we encourage as many people as possible to enter the digital world without fear. It aims to unlock the potential of brilliant minds stuck behind the wall composed of development costs and advanced coding.
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